Happiness takes more than knowledge

“If you want to prevent problems for yourself, do not put anyone else above or below yourself.”

About 20 percent of the population cannot contain their feelings. The leaking feelings proceed to mess up their functioning and life. These people are labeled neurotic. They need a process or guide to help clean out pipes that are stuffed up and clogged with dried out feelings. That prevents people from emotionally expressing themselves even when the situation calls for it.

About 80 percent of the population cannot express their feelings even if their life or happiness depends upon it. Their absence of feelings turns people off and away from them. These people are labeled character disordered. They need a guide to help get your waters of life forces moving in the direction of happiness.

Since childhood we have been forced by conditioning to put people above us; mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, clergy, teachers, and doctors. We end up trying to balance the scale by putting our younger siblings, smaller children, animals, and anyone else we could find, below us. Many of us continue to maintain this unfair, invalid, wasteful time and energy consuming, castrating system all our lives.

If you want to prevent problems for yourself, do not put anyone else above or below yourself. Neurotics have few, if any, peers. They place people above them or below them. People are either too good or not good enough for them. A guide is your peer. As such you can identify with a guide and even learn from their mistakes and successes.

Though I am a doctor, an M.D., I have no medicine that will “cure” you, or get you “well”. Knowledge will help you feel better. That is valid. But you need more than knowledge. You need the experience.

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